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2024 will bring more positive novel surprises. New years always do. In 2023, it was the dramatic acceleration in AI, which touches nearly every industry, and the early stages of an answer to the obesity epidemic with GLP-1s. Here is a list of what’s on our minds going into 2024.


Don’t do what we do

With so much financial news readily available and so many enticing or obvious investment choices it’s tempting to just “do it yourself.” As a DIY investor you can make investments with a few mouse clicks for just a few dollars per trade. It’s an appealingly simple idea, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Take a look at our day and see…

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When You Go Public: the Three P’s

Thirty-two Massachusetts companies went public or filed to go public in 2014 according to IPOMonitor. 2015 could be a rich year as well for those who convert to public from private ownership. If you will be among them, what are the three most important steps to take related to your investments? Public means public! When you are the founder or…

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What The &%#?Forecast!!!

Did your investment advisor predict the 50% drop in oil prices in 2014, the surging US economy, the strong dollar and the worldwide decline in interest rates? No? No one else did either. Which begs the question: how is your advisor – and his/her forecasting – working for you? Are you paying a fee for your advisor to guess what…

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Would you play poker for $1 million?

“Timing the market is basically playing poker with the best players in the world who play around the clock with nearly unlimited resources,” says Ray Dalio. He should know. He’s the billionaire founder of the largest hedge fund company in the world, the $160 billion Bridgewater Associates. If you’re trading your own investment account, you may be the weak hand in…

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What would Warren tell you?

If you sent a letter to Warren Buffett asking for some investment advice, what do you think you’d get in the return mail? A board member of the San Francisco employee pension fund found out. What exactly did Mr. Buffett’s handwritten note say? The $20 billion pension fund had been considering an investment in hedge funds. The board member described…

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Top 5 Cognitive Biases Of Investing To Watch Out For

Last week, State Street’s Center for Applied Research released a fascinating thought piece on the common human traits that lead investors to sabotage their success. Falling prey to one or more of these naturally occurring cognitive biases can drastically change your investment outcome. Fortunately, simple awareness can be enough to help save us from ourselves.

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Investment Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!  There’s much to be thankful about on this most American holiday. Since we always write about money as investment advisors, on this day of thanks we came up with questions that can help you understand why YOU are thankful about your money.

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Can you pass State Street’s ‘Success Sabotage’ test?

Our own State Street right here in town is calling out investors and professionals in its just-released Folklore of Finance thought piece. Are you or your advisors guilty of sabotaging your own investment success? See if you are prey to these false folklores.

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What’s your TWA rating?

What’s your TWA rating? TWA is back. No, not the airline. This TWA is about your capacity to manage your own investments.  Do you have the time, willingness and ability to be successful? Few do. There’s a way to find out. Time: Can you spare it? Do you have the time to manage your own investments? Of the 168 hours…

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