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2024 will bring more positive novel surprises. New years always do. In 2023, it was the dramatic acceleration in AI, which touches nearly every industry, and the early stages of an answer to the obesity epidemic with GLP-1s. Here is a list of what’s on our minds going into 2024.


How Big Is Your Financial Cushion?

At some point in your financial life you have more money than you need to live on, so you invest it. But even after you have built a big nest for the money eggs, you still need a cushion, an emergency fund, or some readily available cash that’s always there when you need it. But how much do you need? Here are four ways to help you find the answer.

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Buffett’s Bet on the Index: Year 9

It’s that time of year again – time to update the scoreboard on the million dollar wager Warren Buffett made with Protégé Partners in 2008. It was a ten-year bet, pitting a basket of five hedge funds chosen by Protégé against Buffett’s no-frills pick, Vanguard’s S&P 500 Index fund. There’s just one year left to go. Which side is on top?

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The Cost Of Safety

If you are uncertain, optimistic or nervous about investments right now, it may be a good time to do a little reading. Knowledge is really the best way to counterbalance emotions, which we know may be running high for some right now. Our advice: Check out what the masters have said. They’ve devoted their lives to understanding investing and captured it all in print. It turns out there is truly nothing new under the sun; their insights apply year in and year out.

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How To Prepare For The Crash

Wait a minute. What crash?! No need for panic. I am absolutely NOT saying a crash is right around the corner. But big, scary declines are standard market events that happen, on average, about once a decade. This week is almost exactly the eighth anniversary of the end of the stock market crash of 2008-09. It’s just common sense to ask yourself from time to time how well prepared you are for the next one. Let’s take that opportunity right now and look at the bright side for some benefits.

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The Beauty of Budgets

Meet Emily Scott, guest writer this week. Emily is a humanist, writer, philanthropist and all-around person to know. Emily and Steve Gang of Resonance are engaged in our latest Osbon Capital project. Find out more about Emily here.

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Seven Habits of Truly Successful Families

For several weeks we’ve been discussing what Charlie Collier found when he studied what made wealthy families truly successful over the long term. While panning for nuggets from our previous posts, we see seven indispensable practices that maximize family wealth, and here they are…

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House Rules For The Truly Wealthy

Where do you keep your house rules? Are they hanging on the fridge, framed in your study or simply preserved through an unspoken mutual understanding? The fourth installment of our True Family Wealth series is about intellectual capital, which includes the framework for making decisions in wealthy families. The intellectual capital topic often sits untouched and unarticulated. Here’s how it can help you.

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Social Capital is Your Bond With Society 

This is the third in our series on true family wealth. We previously discussed the most obvious form of wealth — financial capital — and the most important form – human capital. Today we move on to social capital. Your family’s social capital is used to care for others beyond your family.

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The Most Important Component of True Family Wealth

This is our second in a series exploring the elements of true family wealth. Last week we covered the obvious and most easily measured one, financial capital. This week we’re on the most important one, according to family and wealth expert, Charlie Collier. As you consider your own family, this category deserves lots of attention. So what is it and why’s it so important?

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