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Sauchuk’s Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch

Sep 16, 2020 - Max Osbon ( < 1 minute to read)

Time to get the family out for some outdoor fun this last weekend of Summer! Sauchuk's has everything from Corn Mazes and Games, Pumpkin Patch, Hay Wagon Rides, Zip Lines, Cow and Bee Train Rides, Playground, Duck Races, and Much More. Tickets must be purchased in advance and online. Sauchuk's Corn Maze 200 Center St Plympton, MA 02367 Saturday & Sunday 9am-6pm


Population Growth Is Cooling Off

Major Long Term Trends In Population Are Baked In

Sep 16, 2020 - Max Osbon ( 7 mins to read)

Population trends are often absent from investment research reports. Population growth rates are best when measured in decades and centuries, which is perhaps too slow to be considered new information. Since 1900, the world population has exploded from 1.6 billion to 6.1 billion in 2000 and 7.8 billion today. However, population growth passed an inflection point nearly 50 years ago and is now f...


Major Themes and Investment Opportunities Over The Next Five Years

The Engines of Modern Economies

Sep 2, 2020 - Max Osbon ( 7 mins to read)

As our economy develops in the post-COVID world, digital-first solutions are a primary focus for investors, entrepreneurs and executives. Public cloud infrastructure (Google Cloud and AWS) and robust broadband connectivity are still relatively new and have opened the doors to exciting new opportunities. SaaS (Software as a Service) companies are thriving, so are digital health solutions, eComme...


Stroll the Gardens & Grounds in Newport

Aug 26, 2020 - Max Osbon ( < 1 minute to read)

Take a drive to Newport this weekend and stroll among a menagerie of topiary animals at Green Animals. Hang out with the Greek statuary at The Elms. And enjoy a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean at The Breakers, meandering along the recently restored Serpentine Path. Picnic baskets are welcome! Visit for tickets and open garden times.


Tall Ship Cruises

Aug 19, 2020 - Max Osbon ( < 1 minute to read)

Liberty Fleet is Boston’s only fleet of tall ships offering daily cruises on board one of their classic schooners! While sailing Boston on a tall ship, you’re welcome to help hoist the sails, take the helm, enjoy a drink from the ship’s bar, or just relax and take in the sights and sounds of Boston Harbor. Cruises will take you to Charlestown, the historic North End, and the Boston Harbor Islands. Sunset cruises are also available.


Disrupters, Adapters and Victims

Aug 19, 2020 - Max Osbon ( 7 mins to read)

Bill Gates states that we tend to overestimate what we can do in a year and underestimate what we can do in a decade. The migration from the private to the public cloud, e-commerce and the AI revolution are examples of genuinely revolutionary technology. These creations will produce significant gains in efficiency and richness in society over the coming decade. It’s more likely than not that we...


Kelleher Rose Garden in Bloom

Aug 12, 2020 - Max Osbon ( < 1 minute to read)

Enrich your summer with a visit to The Kelleher Rose Garden, located in Boston’s Back Bay Fens. It is open daily from approximately 7am-5pm. The garden is currently in full bloom, and contains more than ten classes and 200 varieties of roses. There are almost 1,500 plants in total! The Kelleher Rose Garden 70 Park Drive Boston, MA


When You Can’t Meet In Person

A Guide to Mastering Virtual Presence and Communication

Aug 5, 2020 - Max Osbon ( < 1 minute to read)

What happens when you can’t meet in person? As our world changes and shifts towards a more virtual world of professional communication, how can you connect with your audience without being physically present? Boston Ballet alum and professional movement coach, Rachel Cossar will teach you professional performance techniques and communication skills for virtual spaces. Her book When You Can’t Meet In Person – A Guide to Mastering Virtual Presence and Communication will teach you how to: ...


Is Today’s Market Like The Bubble of 2000?

Aug 5, 2020 - Max Osbon ( 6 mins to read)

A major question on the minds of investors today is, “will this market end badly? Like it did in 2000?” This market may seem disconnected from reality. The market is at, or near, all-time highs. At the same time, the US is suffering from the ongoing pandemic and extreme unemployment. With technology leading the pack by a wide margin, are we heading towards another dot-com bubble? Let’s take a c...