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April 22, 2015 - John Osbon (4 mins to read)

Can you answer this fundamental question: “How am I doing on all my investments?” Without an industrial strength state-of-the-art system your answer is most likely: “No.” However, with the NEW Osbon Capital Portal, our clients can get that answer, in detail, in realtime, from any device anywhere.

Big news.  Big picture.

At Osbon Capital, performance reports are going digital, interactive and real time, and are now available on the client portal at No more waiting for the quarter-end or making phone calls to get your information. From now on, your performance reports will be continuous, updated daily and available 24/7. Most importantly, the portal shows ALL your investments, those at Osbon Capital and assets held elsewhere. In investing, the only picture that matters is the big one, the one that fully captures your financial situation. That’s what the portal’s all about.

What’s inside?BeautifulDataLogo2

We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with all that you’ll find on the portal. You’ll find every kind of performance measure — color pictures, flow charts, stats, and percentages. This may be all the data you need, but for the curious, there’s much more. And we encourage curiosity. Curiosity leads to education which can only make you a better investor, able to make smart choices about your money. In the Osbon Capital Portal we’ve designed a user-friendly set of drop-downs that might tickle your interest, like, “What’s my investment income?” and “ How much Europe do I own?” or “Do I have enough bonds?” and so on. We’re collecting client questions as we speak so we can deliver custom information when, where and how clients want it.

When should I look?

How often should you check portfolio performance? That’s up to you. With a realtime portal, you’re free to check anytime. Keep in mind that we constantly monitor portfolios. We watch daily, year to date, last 90 days, last 12 months, last 3 years and since inception return from top down to granular so you don’t have to. So check your progress weekly, monthly, whatever feels right for you. And when you do, be sure to look beyond past performance. The portal displays your future cash flows, taxes (or lack thereof), risk, asset location (IRA or personal) and allocation changes over time. It’s a wealth of information about your wealth. Explore it at your convenience…or call us to talk about it.

Should I compare?

“Comparisons are odious” said Oscar Wilde. I wonder if he was talking about investment performance reporting. It’s a natural human instinct to want to evaluate your results by peeking over someone else’s shoulder or gauging yourself against a well-known benchmark. How about that S&P 500? Or the Dow? Or some bond index? In fact, the peeking, measuring up and comparing can be very misleading and even self-defeating for your portfolio strategy. Why? First, simply put, the most important return is your required rate of return on your portfolio, the percentage annual return over the long term that solves for all your life needs, wants and nice-to-haves. Not anyone else’s or some anonymous index that doesn’t know anything about you. Second, when you’re an index investor there’s no need to worry about beating index benchmarks. Because with index based investing you get…index returns. And they can be pretty nice, as Warren Buffett pointed out in his 50th anniversary annual report.

But I insist….

OK, you understand the danger of making decisions based purely on comparisons to others, but you still want some context with which to understand what is going on with all kinds of markets – equity, fixed income and alternatives – around the world. No problem with the Osbon Capital Portal. We can show you the 400 item benchmark menu and suggest some yardsticks that are relevant for you. We’ll put them in your “room” for you to view over any time period right next to your portfolio. They are designed like everything else on your custom portal – to give you insight from information.

What does it all mean?

At Osbon Capital you are now in control of your information, on your schedule. It’s an exciting step forward for anyone serious about reaching long-term financial goals. We’re excited to show you how it works. Just give us a call at 617-217-2772, ask for John or Max, or Send An Email to schedule a screen share preview.

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