Themes To Consider In 2021

As we close this calendar year and head into 2021, we have an opportunity to reflect on the major changes taking place. Change is a constant. However, the change experienced this year has accelerated due to COVID.

We have included links to five of our most valuable investment articles of 2020 (below) to highlight trends we’ve identified and expect to continue for many years. We will send our first article of the new year on Thursday, January 7th at 6am.

Happy Holidays!

Major Themes and Investment Opportunities Over The Next Five Years – Max Osbon

A Plan That Works For The Future – Max Osbon

Population Growth Is Cooling Off – Max Osbon

The Tailwinds Behind Semiconductors – Max Osbon

The Triumph Of Intangible Assets – John Osbon

Weekly Articles by Osbon Capital Management:

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