The Heart Behind The Writing

I put a lot of energy into the articles and blog posts written for Talk may be cheap and fleeting, but writing lasts. A well-written article can inform, clarify, educate, motivate, entertain and help you see familiar facts or ideas in a new light.

At Osbon Capital, we continuously seek to improve every aspect of the business. Most recently we’ve been reworking our website to bring our diversified investment philosophy to the fore and make our extensive library of articles easier to use and peruse.

The words matter

In the investment management business, I think it is absolutely essential to write regularly and clearly, and to leave a trail of your thoughts.

I am not talking about the writing that is mass-produced by Wall Street for mass-consumption. That doesn’t count. Those people don’t know who you are, or what’s important to you. That writing is often designed only to get headlines or media attention, or to sell the firm and its products. In my view, it’s the exact opposite of what investors need most – writing that is unbiased, insightful, and goal- (rather than product-) oriented.

I am talking about the writing of your specific investment advisor or portfolio manager, the custodian of your present and future wealth. What is he or she saying, and doing, and why?  Let’s see it in writing. 

The daily drivel

So much investment information, or what tries to pass for it, is ephemeral, created to expire into vapor at the end of the news day. Certainly, the media presents it that way, blasting and shouting from all available channels – print, electronic, and social. The next day, there’s more of the same, just as disposable but presented as urgent and all-important.

It’s important that investors truly understand their advisors – not just their investment philosophies, but also the tools they use, the data that guides their efforts, and the business model under which they operate. I see writing as a badge of who you are. Through it, you state your beliefs, take stands, defend positions and define principles.

As you read the content on the website, I hope these elements come through loud and clear as they capture the essence of Osbon Capital.

Top articles for bottom-line impact

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to check out our articles page. This is where all of our most popular articles end up. Here are a few highlights:

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March 21, 2018 – John Osbon
The book, Skin in the Game, drills down and helps us consider whether your advisor is really on your side.

Warren Buffett’s 53rd Annual Letter
February 27, 2018 – John Osbon
After 52 letters can Warren say anything new? Yes, he can.

Six Ways To Handle Inflation
February 21, 2018 – Max Osbon
Inflation popped its head up in December for the first time in years. Is it a big deal or a big non-event?

A Micro-Bubble Is Popped
February 14, 2018 – John Osbon
It’s been 20 days since the Dow peaked at 26, 400.

The Road Ahead for the Almighty Dollar
January 31, 2018 – John Osbon
What will investors be looking for the dollar to do in 2018?

November 1, 2017 – Max Osbon
Everyone wants to know what to do with crypto.

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