Team Osbon Results at The Wall St Decathlon 2015


This past weekend, 85 men, 9 women and 39 teams got together at DaSilva Memorial Field at St John’s University in New York for the 7th annual Wall St Decathlon. Benefiting the Memorial Sloan Kettering Pediatric Cancer Research Center, the event has raised over $6M since its debut in 2009 and raised over $1.3M this year alone.

What is the Wall St Decathlon?
Dubbed “The Banker Games” by 2nd place finisher and former NFL Cowboy’s Safety-turned-investment banker, Collin Zych, the Wall St Decathlon is an annual event where top athletes working in financial firms around the country convene in New York for a 5 hour 10 event competition designed to test the limits of speed, strength and stamina. It’s highly competitive, but it’s also a fun, camaraderie building event where we get a chance to come together and shake the money tree for Memorial Sloan Kettering Pediatric Cancer Research Center. Click here to learn more about the cause.


Max got 30 inches for the vertical jump

Stiff Competition
With Max’s fourth year competing, and John’s third, the level of competition has increased steadily every year. Of the top 10 finishers, three played for NFL teams as recently as 2011. Some highlights were a 75 yard football throw by Tom McCarthy, 66 dips by Jay Li, 45 reps on the bench at 175 lbs by Will McHale, a 4.39s 40 yard dash by Colin Zych and a 1:18.00 time on the 500m row by Pierre Le Veaux.


John after finishing the 10th event 800M run

Max came in 28th overall and broke personal records in the Dips, 40 Yard Dash, Pullups and 500M Row. He came in 6th overall in the 800m run.

John had a personal best in the 500M row with 1:40.60, beating his time from last year by a full 5.4 seconds.

All in, Osbon Capital Management raised $7,490 this year.

Max’s Results

John’s Results

John ResultsTeam Day
New this year, a team-only competition was added on Saturday, where competitors tackled the ten events in groups of three. The new team-only format raised an additional $503K (!!!) for Sloan Kettering.

To everyone who donated to the profiles for The 2015 Wall St Decathlon… A massive THANK YOU!

There’s still time to donate: every dollar counts
John’s Donation Page
Max’s Donation Page

Join Us!
The 2016 Decathlon is now spreading to five cities: Boston, Chicago, Houston, NYC and San Fran. We expect a strong showing in Boston… We’ve already signed up. You can sign up here.

…only 361 days until next year…


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