5 Reasons Hiring A Professional Takes You Further

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IMG_3788Have you ever tried fixing something in your home and found yourself in over your head? Talk to anyone who’s ever tried to do a home construction project without help and you’ll likely hear one thing over and over, “I wish I had hired a pro.” Pros have the experience, tools, discipline and judgment to map out strategy, execution and operational details on your behalf. Your portfolio, like your home, is a complex and valuable asset, deserving of professional care. Here are five reasons to go pro:
  1. Your pro has your back. Feeling nervous about market highs? Sensing there are sectors to avoid? Experiencing investment FOMO? Not sure how to gauge how you’re doing? Ask your pro to investigate for you! A first rate analysis on where you are, what you should do and what you can and cannot control means someone has your back.
  2. Shorten the learning curve. Experience teaches you what to do and, more importantly, what NOT to do. We’ve experienced the ups and downs, the traps, pits, emotional highs and emotional lows when the market moves unexpectedly. We also know how to tell the difference between true financial innovations and product placements. Don’t learn the hard way.
  3. Put yourself first with personal service. Great service makes for a great business. All clients of Osbon Capital have direct access to the partners of the firm. There are no client administrators, 800 numbers or sales people to field your questions. We want you to get your answers directly from the top in the shortest time possible. Remember that an algorithm, Siri or robo-advisor can’t answer the phone.
  4. Raise your expectations. Vanguard estimates that professional investment guidance, on average, adds about three percent in performance each year. We agree. We routinely add performance to existing portfolios by reducing your cost of investment and increasing your tax efficiency. Ask yourself, “What have I missed? What can I make better?” We invite you to raise your expectations by having us do an investment MRI to answer those very questions.
  5. More time for you! In our article What’s Your TWA Rating? we asked our readers to consider if they have all three characteristics, Time Willingness and Ability, necessary to manage their hard earned capital. Some have the ability but few find the time or willingness to develop and execute a truly optimal strategy. Anything less, of course, is suboptimal. You may know what you need in theory, but can/will you consistently execute on all of the details to get you there?
Bonus: Go Independent! Osbon Capital is a truly independent firm. We have one source of revenue, a fee for assets under management. We do not accept commissions, rakes or kickbacks of any kind. Not all pros work this way, so make sure you understand how your advisor makes money.

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