Let’s do something. Now.

We all feel grief and despair and perhaps helplessness in the wake the Newtown massacre last week.  How can these mass slaughters happen, over and over again?  How bad will the next one be? What can be done?  Anything?  For me, it’s finally time to start talking and start acting.

Silence is not a solution

I guess this one finally put me over the top.  I’ve decided to do two things: support Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG), and tell everyone I know what I am doing.  MAIG is a coalition of mayors, chaired by Mike Bloomberg of New York City and our own Tom Menino of Boston, in support of reasonable gun control, mainly the banning of assault weapons and information sharing to track gun ownership.

It’s a start.  You can do something, too.  If you agree with MAIG, you can:

  • Register at Demand a Plan to End Gun Violence Now at www.demandaplan.org/newtown
  • Contribute to Mayors Against Illegal Guns here
  • Speak up, keep talking, don’t forget, and vote for reasonable gun control

Another Newtown doesn’t need to happen.

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