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Inflation Holdouts, Volatility, Relationship Driven Banking

Inflation Holdouts It’s great to see some of the major commodity prices fall back below their all-time highs. Lumber is now below its pre-Covid all-time high. That doesn’t mean Home Depot is going to give you a deal. Retailers are slow to pass on falling costs. Copper, wheat and corn remain elevated but not at all-time highs. Today’s big underlying…

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Week 34: Numbers Don’t Lie, You Now Own An NFT, Robots

Briefing: Vaclav Smil’s latest book, “Number Don’t Lie,” is a treasure trove of interesting data and stories. | Visa’s $150,000 Crypto-Punk NFT purchase this week is a sign of forward-thinking leadership. It also wasn’t really that costly for the $500B market cap company. | General-purpose robots may be here sooner than you think; Hyundai and Tesla are the first leaders…

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