A Very Happy Thanksgiving To You

In this age of abundance and challenge, the communal practice of giving thanks is something to be grateful for in and of itself. Taking the time to give thanks is an opportunity for a perspective reset. It allows us to step beyond whatever challenge-du-jour we have faced and step into a place of empathy and connection.

Words that come to mind this Thanksgiving are gratitude, richness, simplicity, friendship, family, and charity.

This year is not without its trials and sorrow, but also one of extraordinary progress. Uniting against a common enemy (COVID) has brought courage and service to the forefront and we are especially grateful for our tireless healthcare workers and the achievements to date of the global biotechnology community.

Gratitude is an empowering and satisfying emotion that deserves far more than one day on the calendar. We are truly grateful for all of the people we work with and to all of the families we work for. We wish you all an abundant sense of comfort, security and freedom as you spend this holiday together.

Happy Thanksgiving from John, Max, Shruti and the Osbon Capital Management Team

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