Warren Buffett’s Serving Of Optimism For Thanksgiving

November 25, 2015 - Max Osbon (1 mins to read)

“How can you not be optimistic?” Straight from the Omaha Oracle himself. This Thanksgiving we wanted to take the opportunity to practice gratitude and optimism by sharing our favorite bits from Warren Buffet’s recent interview on his view of optimism.

Massive Improvementsoptimism

“Everything: medicine, education, you know, just the conveniences of the life, transportation, entertainment, everything is dramatically better than it was 50 years ago.”

Problems of Opportunity

“I think students are generally throughout the world getting a better education… …Is it as good as it can be? No… …We’re spending $10,000 or close to that a student per year in education so it isn’t from unwillingness to put the resources up. We just haven’t’ learned the best ways.”

So Much Growth, So Much Room To Grow

“If you told them [my parents] that their son was going to live in an America, in his lifetime, which real per capita GDP would go up 6 for 1 they would have said it’s going to be utopia. Now it isn’t utopia for many people, but that’s a distributional problem. We have the output for everybody to do well in this country, but a lot of people do get left behind.”

Small Changes Make A Big Difference

“Our children are going to live better than we live. During, in a political season to hear people say your children aren’t going to live as well as you do – that is total 100% nonsense. I mean, even at 2% GDP that’s over 1% per capita and in one generation that means the next generation is going to live 25% better than we live per capita in the United States.”

[To see the full text of the interview, click here]

Happy Thanksgiving From John & Max at Osbon Capital Management!


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