The Whole, and the Parts

The investment returns for 2011 are now officially in. It was a good year for many asset classes, like bonds, gold, and domestic stocks.  For others, like emerging markets, it was straight down.  I am happy to report that the four of the largest index positions at Osbon Capital – DIA, GLD, TIP, and VNQ – had positive returns ranging from 6% to 13%.

Osbon Capital practices goal-based asset management. We construct index portfolios for our clients, each customized to their specific needs and objectives.  The list below shows the returns of the ETFs we most frequently use in this process.  The color-coded column on the far right shows total return.

Of course, the real story of 2011, or any year, is not so much how each index ETF performed individually, but how a diversified portfolio as a whole advanced each client’s goals.

Source of data: Bloomberg.


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ETFs mentioned in this article are those which we most frequently use in creating client portfolios. The list is for illustrative purposes, demonstrating the range of returns experienced in 2011. Not all of these ETFs are held in any single portfolio. Some client portfolios hold securities not on this list.

An investment cannot be made directly in an index. Past performance is not an indicator of future results. Returns shown are before any investment advisory fees.

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