The Osbon Experience: 24/7 Communication

Communication is a critical element of any relationship. If you become a client of Osbon Capital, what kind of communication can you expect? How often? Where? How? Our policy is simple: “Any reason, any time, any way, however your prefer.” Here’s how it works.

We’d like to see you face-to-face at least once a year. An in-person meeting is the ideal way to catch up, re-affirm, clarify, update, discuss and inquire about your investments. You can visit 225 Franklin, or we’ll visit you. If we haven’t met in a while we’ll reach out and schedule a meeting before the 12 month period ends. Furthermore, meetings anytime for any reason are welcome and encouraged. We want the dialogue because we know it benefits all parties. Just call or email for a meeting and it becomes top priority for us.

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When an in-person meeting isn’t completely convenient, a phone call can do the job. You may have a specific question, a vital need, or just a desire to know more about your investments or the markets. Or maybe you need a referral, second opinion, or just someone to listen to your idea or concern. Call us anytime! As clients you’ll have our personal cell phone numbers. If you don’t reach us immediately we have a top priority, same day response policy on all calls from clients. The office number at 225 Franklin gets handled the same way. If one of us can’t pick up, voicemail is for our ears only.

By email
Email has advantages at times too. It is always available on all your screens, it spans time zones, and it allows you to send or read the message as your schedule allows. Because it’s probably the most efficient way to stay in touch — you with us, us with you — we use email liberally. For instance, our weekly communique, Osbon On The Money, goes out to you by email every Thursday morning at 6am, 52 weeks a year. Like your phone calls, any email from you is an immediate top priority for us.

By portal
Your Osbon Capital portal is your interactive, digital source for 24/7 investment performance and analytics reports, designed just for you. Powered by Envestnet, it is secure and updated nightly. You can review reports, mouse over color charts and graphs and view dropdown details on your portfolioboth assets held at Osbon and any accounts you have elsewhere. Your portal is state-of-the-art. It’s an investment Osbon Capital is proud to make on your behalf.

What you don’t get
A robot. A ZenDesk ticket. A call center in India or New Jersey. An assistant, intermediary, or any other type of non-owner operator. Emails from computers or people you’ve never heard of. An “I am on vacation and will return your call when I get back” voicemail or email. A 150-to-1 client-to-advisor  ratio. An “I’ll give him the message” message. What you do get is one or both of us, real people, experienced and innovative, working just for you. You get us how you want us, when you want us. I would expect the same thing if I were a client. Which is why Osbon Capital is designed the way it is.

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