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March 12, 2013 - John Osbon (2 mins to read)

In about four months my son Max and I will proudly take the field at Columbia University’s Wien Stadium for The RBC Decathlon where we’ll give it our all for the benefit of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

We’re excited for the event and ramping up our training. But we need your help. Since you won’t be able to help us complete the bench press, agility course or 40 yard dash, we’d like to request your financial support. Will you sponsor us? 

Ten events; one great cause

As I described in an earlier post, the field is composed of 150 of the fittest, fastest, strongest, and most competitive guys and gals in the financial industry. We’ll compete in ten events: a 400 meter run, football throw, pull-ups, vertical jump, 500 meter row, 800 meter run, agility drill, dips, 175 pound bench press, and 40 yard dash.

The 11th event is fundraising, one that everyone wins. Event sponsors hope to raise $2 million for Memorial Sloan-Kettering this year, about 50% more than last year. We want to be a big part of that, and ask for your help.

Get in on the games

One of the unique aspects of The RBC Decathlon is its “CharityBets” fundraising system. You basically make a bet on our performance – the better we do, the more you contribute.

For instance, I’ve set a goal of 90 seconds for the 400 meter run, a worthy target for my age group. If I beat the goal, your donation increases, capped at 200% of your bet. If I fall short, you save some money.

Likewise, Max has set a goal of 2:35 for the 800 meter run. Oh to be young. The faster he goes, the more financial support for MSKCC.

Of course you can also make a flat dollar amount donation. We appreciate your support and will do our best to represent! It’s sure to be fun, especially when we finish the last of our events! Thanks!

Sponsor John Osbon

Sponsor Max Osbon

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center is one of the leading pediatric cancer institutes, committed to providing patients with the best care available today as they work to discover more effective strategies to prevent, control, and ultimately cure cancer in the future.



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