Results From the Wall Street Decathlon 2013


Citius, Altius, Fortius – (Faster, Higher, Stronger)

After months of training, we finally had the opportunity to compete at the RBC Decathlon this weekend. It was a blast, and all for a great cause.

First things first, a round of applause for the $1.4m raised for Memorial Sloan-Kettering cancer care and the enormously high standard set by the field of 150 competitors. Ex-St. Louis Ram Mark Rubin of Barclays won his 2nd consecutive title with an impressive showing. He was one of 5 ex-NFL players  competing .

Another ringer on the field was Dan O’Brien, Olympic gold metal decathlete from the 1996 Atlanta Games, who raised over $100,000 when he surpassed his pull up target and hit 17 reps. It’s very clear that the event is getting more competitive each year as it attracts more attention.

Max’s performance in his marquee event, the 800m, earned him 2nd place overall in the event with a time of 2:12; one second behind the winning time. John hit many of his modern personal records with 7 pull ups, 14 dips, and 7 reps on the bench.

We had great coverage on Business Insider as the only father/son duo of the event: 40 Photos Of Ripped Wall Streeters

Final Stats:

Max: 400m 55.47s, Football Throw 42yds, 40yd Dash 4.93s, Dips 39, 20yd Shuttle 4.68, Pull Ups 19, Vertical 30″, Rowing 1:29.60, Bench 175 15, 800m 2:12.23 (2nd Place)

John: 400m 1:19.27s, Football Throw 28yds, 40yd Dash 6.5s, Dips 14, 20yd Shuttle 5.84, Pull Ups 7, Vertical 19″, Rowing 1:42.00, Bench 175 7, 800m 3:43.11

Thanks to everyone who inspired us with their contributions. It’s not too late to make a donation for this wonderful cause in support of cancer research.

John’s Decathlon Page
Max’s Decathlon Page

Here are some photos:


Max’s Pullups (19 reps)

decathlon2John with Dan O’Brien and the rest of the ‘Grey Wolves’

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