New Technology For Estates

Where do you keep your most important information and documents? Are they secure, easy to access and available to share with others who need them? A new tool from Fidelity just made that whole issue much simpler and more convenient – for you and your family. Fidelity now lets you store, access and share digital copies of your family’s most important documents, at no cost. This is cloud computing at its best and most personal. Read on for simple next steps.

What it is

FidSafe is secure, free document storage service. It’s owned and operated by Fidelity, a big plus for privacy and security. FidSafe is a 5 gigabyte place in the cloud for your financial, legal and personal documents. Think of it as the 21st century update of a safe, a safety deposit box, all those folders of papers, all those pictures, and that letter with Grandma’s last wishes for her heirs. FidSafe is literally a place for everything important to your family.

What it does

FidSafe allows you to easily store your documents and access them when you need them. If you use FidSafe as designed, you’ll always be protected during emergencies, organized with digital backups, and assured that the information your family needs is secure and accessible. FidSafe is invaluable for legacy planning, financial planning and unexpected events that require quick access to documents.
Think of the possibilities. Adult children have access to their essential documents. You can share information with trusted contacts.
Going on a trip overseas? Check the expiration date on all those passports. Put the itinerary in FidSafe so family members know where you are and when.
Another example might be when your daughter applies for her first job in MA at age 14 and doesn’t know her Social Security number. You can find the 9 digits quickly, or maybe she can in her restricted information section of FidSafe.
With copies of the right documents in the right place at the right time the uses of FidSafe are almost endless.

You can use it now

FidSafe is easy and costs nothing. Go to the site and start adding your documents. You can access FidSafe on the go via your mobile phone. State of the art security is built in with two factor identification.
We can help you with checklists of what to save. In addition, Osbon Capital clients can store documents with us on their Osbon Portal. We’re happy to be another helpful line for access to your important family information.

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