Investment Thanksgiving

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OSBON_017Happy Thanksgiving!  There’s much to be thankful about on this most American holiday. Since we always write about money as investment advisors, on this day of thanks we came up with questions that can help you understand why YOU are thankful about your money.

Only you know the answer

When it comes to money, everyone is different. Money is many things to many people. Money is tangible, and also highly emotional.  Money meaning starts at that critical moment when you stop always working for your money and your money starts working for you.  That’s also when the questions start.

What do I want, what do I expect?

To answer the two questions above, try reflecting on these two questions below.  There are no right or wrong answers, only YOUR answers.  Some suggestions follow in bulleted points

What does money mean to you?

  • Comfort: you are at peace with your finances and free to focus on other aspects of life
  • Security: low anxiety when it comes to making buying decisions
  • Empowerment: you can spend a little more than you normally would to fund home, life, or business improvements
  • Flexibility: freedom to chase the spur of the moment expenditures
  • Help for those in need: the ability to give back to your community or a non-profit you feel is especially important
  • Help for those you love: helping with college tuition for your nephews and nieces
  • Choice: simply not being bound by other people’s schedules
  • Time: trading time for money is the most expensive trade you will ever make

See motivational master Tony Robbins’s latest book, Money: Master The Game, for more on this subject.

What do you want your money to do?Thankful

  • Let me retire comfortably
  • Pay for generations of education
  • Support causes I believe in
  • Relieve me from worry about money
  • Have fun – I’ve worked hard and long

What should I do?

The answer to that question is only possible with an investment advisor that understands “you” first, and gets the “it” (investment) afterwards. Sometimes the “it” investment is a good match, and other times, not. Starting with “it” however, is not the way to go. Think “me” first, and let your advisor understand how to work from there. That’s what we do.

Happy Thanksgiving from Osbon Capital!

John Osbon –

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