Introducing Osbon Labs

By Max Osbon

Since joining Osbon Capital in May one of my top priorities has been to streamline our operations and workflow, including our public face, our website.  I am pleased to announce our newly redesigned site What will you find there? Not just information, but investment insights, delivered in an engaging interactive, graphics-based format.

website announcement


  • Interactive – On Thursday, July 18, we will send out our first interactive investment insight piece – “Cost of College: Realistic Savings for Tuition.” This piece includes an interactive calculator that helps to quantify investment goals for future college tuition. You can expect more interactive pieces of this type, featuring specific, fact-based answers to important personal investment questions.
  • Graphics – One picture can tell a big story in a single glance, and we’ll make liberal use of them at Osbon Labs. See Market Timeless as an example of a graphic-based answer to “How do I invest cash safely?”Market-1-3
  • Articles new and old – For our regular readers, The Osbon Labs section is now home to our weekly publication, as well as our extensive archive of prior posts.

We hope you’re pleased with the new look, feel and content of the site. We’d love your feedback and any requests for topics to investigate.

Max Osbon

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