How The Local Inaugural Decathlon Makes Boston Better For You

This past Saturday 72 local men and women endured 90+ degree scorching heat to compete in the first ever Boston D10 Decathlon. After eight years of hosting the marquee event in New York City, founder Dave Maloney chose Boston for his next move. He couldn’t have picked a better city. Here’s why:

I’m happy to report that with our first event we successfully raised over $150K for The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. I’m also happy to point out that no less than 100% of that raise goes directly to Dana-Farber, a unique feature of this event that shouldn’t be overlooked. I’m proud to say that Osbon Capital was the 5th highest fundraiser this year – next year will be even bigger. I estimate at least double the number of athletes on the field and at least triple the money raised. That’s good news for Boston. Spread the word!

Jim Norcott won the men’s title (with a little help from our regular 5:30am Friday training sessions with the nationally recognized experts at Boyle’s Gym in Woburn)

John & I were on the competitor board this year for the Boston D10 Decathlon. John beat his goal for his charity bet by rowing 500m in 1:42.2s vs a goal of 1:50s. That last push landed him in 6th place overall in fundraising. (Full stats at the end)
The 90+ degree heat was an interesting added challenge to an already very competitive event. Max came in 9th overall and beat his charity bet on the 400m run with a time of 55.62s (4th place) vs a goal of 60s. Beating his charity event helped him reach 6th place in fundraising.
Amanda Pasko came in 1st place among the female competitors. She walked out with more trophies than she could carry after taking 1st place in 6 of the 10 events. And she’s just 20 years old.

Max’s Stats:

Max's Stats

John’s Stats:

John's Stats


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