Great News For The New Year

John Osbon | January 6, 2016

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I am pleased to announce that after three years of working at Osbon Capital, Max Osbon is now an equal partner. This is great news for the business, and great news for you as well. Here’s why.

Why partner?

Win-win partnership strategy concept. Businessman draw win-win scheme and handshake partnership agreement.

Since establishment in 2005, Osbon Capital has been structured and managed for the benefit of clients. As a family investment firm, all decisions are made with longevity, aligned interests and complete trust at top of mind. With Max as a full partner now, those three priorities are more solidly protected than ever. This is a striking contrast to many investment firms which operate as a revolving door for salespeople motivated by product sales, promotions and the opportunity to move like a mercenary to a more lucrative deal in the future.

Equal means equal commitment

Before forming Osbon Capital, I had two partnerships on Wall Street, two joint ventures, one startup and two turnarounds. All were very successful but the partnerships were by far the most successful. Why? Because we were equal partners. We didn’t start that way but I engineered equality to happen quickly. My partners were all younger and less experienced than me, but had superior skills and judgment. In reality, nobody ever wants to be the junior partner. When you become an equal partner you tend to overcompensate to prove your value. It works beautifully. I believe this partnership with Max will be the best one ever and will dwarf the others in terms of business success.

Equal means equal all the time

Partnership has another big benefit. Multiple backups are built into Osbon Capital. We can duplicate functions, sources of information and expertise regardless of location or time. We’ve been using the phrase “Always On” to capture this idea — we are always ready to answer client questions, move money, or respond to other needs. Further, Max and I spend a lot of time exchanging skills, ideas and market news so we can act in our clients’ best interests at all times. For me, it’s fascinating to learn again as a 27 year-old does.
Interestingly, neither age nor youth is an impediment or a guarantee of success in investment management.  It’s good to have the full spectrum.

Equal means equal responsibility

Another great feature of equal partnership is that you can hold your partners accountable for high standards all the time. Fair is fair. If one partner can do something really well then all partners have to be able to do it, too. This includes interpersonal communication and client care. It’s fascinating to see how clients naturally gravitate to one of us or the other. And it’s not what you may think: most clients want to talk to Max first. I completely understand that. He represents innovation, I represent experience.


I’m excited and proud to share this news, knowing that we now have another important piece in place for the long-term success of Osbon Capital and our clients. So with no further ado, let’s get on to the rest of 2016!

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