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Cost of Cash Calculator
Keeping a stash of cash seems to be a natural human urge. Call it a “rainy day fund” or “emergency fund.” Whatever you call it, having some cash on hand for unforeseen situations is a good idea. september-antique-auction-lg-sept-23-2013-331_1-272x300But is holding excess cash a good idea?  Some, yes; too much, no.  Understand the cost of stuffing money in the mattress with our Osbon Labs Cost of Cash Calculator.

Cash is a wasting asset
Cash is attractive for its stability. But its short-term stability hides the longer term impact of inflation. Cash quietly and inexorably loses purchasing power.  And it’s often hard to see the erosion until much later.

Inflation has been pretty tame recently, but holding cash has a real cost. The  Cost of Cash Calculator shows you how much, based on the government reported Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Cash has a high opportunity cost

The other cost of cash is opportunity cost. The alternative investments to cash, such as stocks, bonds, real estate or gold, lack cash’s short-term stability but have much higher return potential. If you miss a big gain in other investments while holding cash, that’s called opportunity cost. The calculator quantifies that too via the S&P 500 return for whatever period you enter. (For more on this topic, seeHow Much Have You Been Paying To Own Your Cash?

Awareness, first
The cost of cash calculator is most useful as a reminder that holding cash costs money.  It’s natural to hold some non-investment cash.  To achieve your required portfolio return (the return that ‘solves’ for your goals) we recommend any excess cash be invested in a diversified, customized index portfolio.


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