Boston goes to the Wall Street Decathlon

Once per year 150 amateur and former professional athletes from Wall Street ditch their suits and gather to raise money for Memorial Sloan Kettering Pediatric Cancer Center by competing for the title of Wall Street’s Best Athlete. The event, the RBC Wall Street Decathlon, is comprised of 10 events designed as an all around test of speed, strength, and stamina.

This year the field raised $1.5million through flat donations and charity bets, sliding scale donations based on individual performance metrics. John and Max, the only Boston competitors and the only father/son combo, spent last Sunday at the Decathlon at St. John’s stadium in NY.

John hit his goal of 7 pull ups and broke some of his modern personal records with 15 dips and a sub 6 second 20 yard shuttle.

They had some great coverage this year again in a Business Insider article with over 1.7million views: 51 Wall Streeters Who Are Ridiculously Cut

The Celebs
Dan O’Brien, ’96 Olympic Atlanta games gold medalist and former world record holder in the decathlon, and Dave Johnson, ’92 Olympic Barcelona games bronze medalist in the decathlon were there. On account of injury, Dave only competed in the football throw and, in true form, broke the event record with a 75 yard throw for a full 1000 pts in the category. Mark Rubin, aka “The Moose”, a former tight end for the St. Louis Rams won the overall top spot for the third consecutive year. Mark was one of five ex-NFL’ers.

Food poisoning and Decathlons don’t mix
It was Max’s third year in a row participating in the decathlon but it was by far his most challenging attempt. Unfortunately, three days leading up to the event, an extreme bout of food poisoning knocked him off his feet. Without eating Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, Max still managed break some personal records and place 34th overall and 2nd in the executive division.

Max’s Results

John’s Results

400 Meter Run 00:58.9 400 Meter Run 01:25.7
Football Throw 39 Yards Football Throw 32 Yards
Dips 40 Reps Dips 15 Reps
20yd Shuttle 4.6 20yd Shuttle 5.97
40 Yard Dash 4.84 40 Yard Dash 6.36
Pull Ups 19 Reps Pull Ups 7 Reps
Vertical Jump 31 Inches Vertical Jump 20 Inches
500M Row 01:31.1 500M Row 01:46.0
Bench Press 11 Reps Bench Press 6 Reps
800 Meter Run 02:28.0 800 Meter Run 03:46.2

A HUGE thank you to the friends and family who donated this year. It’s a great cause, a great group, and a fun event all around.

It’s not too late to donate for the cause which is always welcome and much appreciated by the athletes and Memorial Sloan-Kettering.

Max’s Donation Page
John’s Donation Page

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