The New Philanthropy Page

Charity is a basic human instinct. The desire to help others with money, time or talent is wired into our very selves. With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce this morning that we’ve launched a new Osbon Capital philanthropy page to showcase the generosity of the families in our network. Who are the first six charities listed by our clients?

Giving goes on and on

Website real estate is a scarce and valuable resource – you can’t put too much out there or people will lose interest quickly. Now, when you visit you will see the “Philanthropy” page listed in the main menu in the upper right. There are only four tabs available, and philanthropy is one.

On this page you’ll see examples of “a charitable cause that makes my heart sing,” as one donor described it.

Why now?

In the course of client conversations, a desire to ‘give back, support, and promote’ charitable causes has always been a common thread.  Accordingly, the page will be available to any client who wants to identify and promote a philanthropy he or she supports. There is a link directly to the donor page for any reader who wants to second the support. Why now? Because online donations are more popular than ever so we can make a real impact by spreading the word.

Having the conversation

Some clients want to see their charities promoted. Others prefer to give privately and foster institutional self-reliance. Still others feel they can speak up more directly now and request their favorite link on the site. We support all of these models, of course.

Because charitable giving is such a central privilege of wealth, we want to do everything we can to make it easy and productive for our clients. If you have any questions or requests, please let us know. You can view the new Philanthropy page by clicking here.


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