John Osbon to speak at The Bloomberg Money Manager Conference

John Osbon of Osbon Capital will be a panelist at The Bloomberg Money Managers Conference in Boston on June 14. The conference, titled “Preparing for the Next Black Swans,” focuses on the impact of major unexpected events that can send markets reeling. The conference brings together top money managers for a candid exchange of ideas on future Black Swans. What’s John Osbon’s topic?

From the Bloomberg press release:

Bloomberg Money Managers

June 14th, 2011

State Room | 60 State Street | 33rd Floor

Boston, MA

Preparing for the Next Black Swans

The year 2011 will most certainly be remembered for its Black Swan events, including the spreading unrest in the Middle East and the earthquake in Japan. Money managers need to be prepared for unexpected events as they position their investments across asset classes.

The Bloomberg Money Managers Conference will bring together mutual fund, hedge fund and private equity investors to consider events that could rock the markets, portfolio strategies for managing the unforeseen and the future of actively-managed investing.

John Osbon

John Osbon will be a panelist in the 12:30 pm session: THE SAFEST INVESTMENT. In a chaotic world, what do money managers believe to be the safest bet? Dividend-paying stocks? Canadian government debt? Gold? The panel of experts will share their viewpoints on safe investments and when they should be utilized.


  • Thomas D. Higgins, Global Macro Strategist, Standish, BNY Mellon Asset Management
  • John F. Osbon, Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Osbon Capital Management
  • Howard Present, Co-Founder, President and CEO, F-Squared Investments
  • Christian W. Thwaites, President and CEO, Sentinel Investments

Moderated by: Larry Edelman, Senior Editor, Bloomberg News

In addition to paid attendance, The Bloomberg Money Managers Conference will be streamed live to over 300,000 Bloomberg terminal users.


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