Who We Are

From our family to yours

Our mission is to help families achieve financial strength. John Osbon established Osbon Capital in 2005 to serve the needs of clients. We are a team of experts that operates as a private registered investment advisory firm for families with on average $2 to $20 million in investable assets. Osbon Capital provides strategic partnership, bringing organization and confidence to your investments. Osbon Capital is different than impersonal Wall Street firms and product salespeople. John and Max are a successful father and son team.

Our Family

Established in 2005 and currently over $100+ million of assets under management.

  • Multi-generational by design
  • Jointly operated by John and Max, wholly owned by Max Osbon since 2016
  • $100+ million of assets under management, 28 families
  • Max Osbon joins full time in 2013, becomes equal partner in 2015
  • For wealthy families
  • Registered investment advisor
  • Established in 2005 by John Osbon

Our Team

At any given time we have seven to twelve people actively working on our team to help run Osbon Capital. Since our founding we’ve used flexible third party contractors for specialized tasks to keep the business efficient and the quality high. Our editor lives in Texas, our design experts live in Waltham and our data team is based in North Carolina. Compliance is based in Rowley, our risk analysis team is in Back Bay and our client experience team is in Manchester. It’s a testament to our quality that our team has continued to work with us for many years. We are grateful for their work and commitment.

John F. Osbon

Founder & Managing Partner

josbon@osboncapital.com 617.217.2772 johnosbon

About John F. Osbon

John oversees all investment decisions including security selection, allocation, and risk assessment for clients on a case-by-case custom basis. Osbon Capital is 100% owned by the Osbon family and is its sole investment vehicle.

John has served as an adjunct Professor of Finance Babson Graduate School of Business, received degrees from Columbia Business (MBA) & University of Chicago (BA Art History) and is a frequent commentator Forbes.com, WCVB, NECN, CNBC, BBJ and AP.

Outside of Osbon Capital, John serves as the Chairman of the Board of Overseers and is a Trustee ex officio of Boston Ballet. John also participates in the Wall Street Decathlon benefiting Dana-Farber Pediatric Cancer Research.

John established Osbon Capital in 2005 after two prosperous decades on Wall Street including opening Morgan Stanley’s private wealth office in Boston in 2000, and serving as Managing Director & Head of Atlantic Trust Boston and Managing Director Credit Suisse First Boston.

His past board affiliations include Park Street School, Peabody Essex Museum, Boys & Girls Club Nantucket, St. Paul’s Church Nantucket, Nantucket New School, Boston Children’s Museum and Boston Lyric Opera.

John is a ballet expert

John’s favorite apartment to live in was 1 Central Park West

John once took a job shoveling gravel in Alaska

John helped found the Park Street School in Boston

Work History

About Max Osbon

Max shares responsibility with John for all investment decisions including security selection, allocation, and risk assessment for clients on a case-by-case custom basis. Osbon Capital is 100% owned by the Osbon family and is its sole investment vehicle.

Max earned full Osbon Capital partnership status in 2014 with the goal of building it for the next generation. Max enjoys working directly with the next generation of Osbon Capital Clients.

Previously, he worked for Bloomberg L.P. in NYC leading the coverage of the Goldman Sachs account. He left after three years for a self funded six month trip in the southern hemisphere, writing neverinamerica.com along the way.

He has a B.S. in mathematics and a B.A. in finance from Santa Clara University, graduating top in his class.

Max participates annually in the Wall Street Decathlon, benefiting Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Research. He is a Young Partner of Boston Ballet with a focus on event planning and audience building for that organization. Previous volunteer activities have included Advisory Board member for the Design Museum of Boston, and fundraising for the Boys & Girls Club of Boston.

Max resides in the Fort Point area in Boston.

Max is a decathlete

Max played guitar for 800 people at the Highline Ballroom in NYC

Max is a travel writer and published the book “Never in America"

Max co-starred in an Air Canada commercial in Paris

Work History

Our Expertise

Decathlon Raises $100k for the kids

July 26, 2017 - John Osbon

Over the weekend Max and I participated in our favorite event of the year, the D10. It’s a decathlon for professionals from the financial industry and other fields. Dozens of us spent Saturday at the MIT track running, jumping, throwing and lifting. We love the competition and the cause. This year’s Boston event raised $100,000 for pediatric cancer. 

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Four Ways To Give Up Certainty 

July 19, 2017 - John Osbon

In the investment industry, “certainty” is typically defined in terms of a specific guaranteed return. For instance, savings accounts and US Treasury Bills offer certain (but low) returns. T-Bills are finally paying some interest now, a whopping .98% annually. Call it one percent, or $10,000 dollars on $1 million, essentially risk-free. That’s the textbook definition of certainty, but when we talk to investors, their definitions of certainty are rarely so narrow and clinical. What else does certainty mean and how can you achieve it?

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To Give or Not To Give: How to Say No when Asked for a Donation

July 12, 2017 - Emily Scott

When asked what one of the bigger personal challenges a philanthropist faces, the answer often is “saying no when asked for funding, board participation, or a time commitment.”  At The Philanthropy Workshop, where I am an alumna, we refer to this as the investment of our time, treasure, and talent.

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