Private Investments Opening new paths to growth

Experience is crucial to successful private market investing

Access is a key variable when it comes to private investments. We have decades of experience and a robust network within private equity, venture capital, angel investments, real estate, qualified opportunity zones and other areas that offer diversification and increased potential return.

The purpose of alternatives is to improve portfolio total return and to provide investors unique, untapped opportunities to invest in less efficient markets. The world of private investments is broad and opaque. Private investments introduce a completely different risk and return profile from public markets.

Real Estate

Private real estate offerings come in a variety of strategies, goals, and structures. From direct real estate investing to pooled vehicles, there are plenty of options for our clients. The best structure, approach and strategy depend on each client’s needs and ability to take on additional illiquidity and risk. We have an opportunistic approach to investing in private equity real estate and are experienced in analyzing investments focused on multifamily apartment buildings, office buildings, retail, hospitality, industrial, self-storage, land development and more. We identify high-quality real estate sponsors and invest with them on behalf of our clients.

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Private Equity

We conduct extensive due diligence on managers and their past deals to uncover profitable investment opportunities for our clients. We are aware of the illiquidity of private equity and take advantage of the fact that private equity is not marked to market regularly. There are many factors to consider in private equity as we look for diversification and unique opportunities. Each private equity investment we recommend is tailored to the individual client, and as such, not all clients will participate in all private equity deals we are evaluating.

Venture Capital

Venture capital can supply extraordinary returns, as we know from the rise of Facebook, Google and countless other examples. Families of all income and wealth levels have demanded access and markets continue to deliver as seen by the number of pre-IPO secondary offerings. Venture capital investing provides an early entry into the growth of the best and brightest companies of the future.

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