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Financial literacy starts early and will last a lifetime. We are experienced in setting up investment education plans for the family, from kids to grandparents. True family wealth comes from four components.

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Wealth Series Articles

Feb 7, 2017 - John Osbon ( 5 mins to read)

This is our second in a series exploring the elements of true family wealth. Last week we covered the obvious and most easily measured one, financial capital. This week we’re on the most important one, according to family and wealth expert, Charlie Collier. As you consider your own family, this category deserves lots of attention. So what is it and why’s it so important?


Feb 1, 2017 - Max Osbon ( 5 mins to read)

Following the popularity of last week’s article, we’re launching a four-part series and taking a deeper dive into Charlie Collier’s philosophy of true family wealth. Charlie spent 25 years advising Harvard’s largest philanthropic families. Over the next few weeks, we’ll explore each of the four wealth components in more depth. We’re starting today with the foundation of wealth, your Financial Capital. How should it fit into your family?


Jan 25, 2017 - Max Osbon ( 6 mins to read)

When you think about wealth in your family, are you only thinking about financial assets? Charlie Collier says there’s much more to the story. Charlie, a former Senior Philanthropic Adviser at Harvard University for 25 years, is considered one of the world’s top experts on family wealth. Based on his extensive experience at one of the largest philanthropic organizations in the world, second only to the Vatican, he says it’s important to think past money when considering wealth.


Feb 22, 2017 - Max Osbon ( 5 mins to read)

Where do you keep your house rules? Are they hanging on the fridge, framed in your study or simply preserved through an unspoken mutual understanding? The fourth installment of our True Family Wealth series is about intellectual capital, which includes the framework for making decisions in wealthy families. The intellectual capital topic often sits untouched and unarticulated. Here’s how it can help you.


Feb 28, 2017 - John Osbon ( 3 mins to read)

For several weeks we’ve been discussing what Charlie Collier found when he studied what made wealthy families truly successful over the long term. While panning for nuggets from our previous posts, we see seven indispensable practices that maximize family wealth, and here they are…



Osbon Capital relieves money stress by managing both the complex and routine aspects of investing, leaving you more time for what matters most to you.


Our comprehensive values-based investment planning process ensures every aspect of your financial plan is considered. Even your adventures.


Our process makes sure your children have the financial literacy to appreciate the family wealth and use it wisely.

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Education Center Articles

Independence Day 2020

Jun 30, 2020 - John Osbon ( < 1 mins to read)

For this July 4th on Saturday we are sending out a picture of the various American Flags that have existed throughout the founding of our country. You can see how the stars and stripes have changed in number and design. These flags are a reminder that our country has changed a great deal in 244 years, and will continue to change as we progress forward. How many American flags have there been? 27 Since the founding of the United States…


3 Important Questions

Jan 29, 2020 - Max Osbon ( 5 mins to read)

There are many ways to look at your financial circumstances over the course of a lifetime, but at some point we all give some thought about how well prepared we are for retirement. Will money be tight, or will we have plenty to live the life we envision? Do we need to make changes in investments, spending or expectations? Let’s explore three financial elements that affect the math of retirement...


Disagreement is essential for functional markets

Oct 15, 2019 - John Osbon ( 5 mins to read)

It’s difficult to get a broad idea across in one headline. When it is done in the investment media, the bias almost always skews negative, mostly for dramatic effect. If all indicators were bad, everyone would want to sell and there would be no buyers. With positive consensus, on the other hand, there would be no sellers. A broad and balanced take on the market, with both positives and negative...