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With the welfare and comfort of your family at stake, you want your investments to reap the full potential of the financial markets, without taking needless risk. We share that philosophy. We build portfolios that strip out as many of the typical investment risks as possible, keep expenses low and limit your exposure to taxes.

Working with a select group of families, we take a disciplined approach to investing, evaluating opportunities wherever they may arise, but only utilizing those that make sense for the specific goals of each family.

Peace of Mind

Osbon Capital relieves money stress by managing both the complex and routine aspects of investing, leaving you more time for what matters most to you.

Plan for Adventure

Our comprehensive values-based investment planning process ensures every aspect of your financial plan is considered. Even your adventures.

Security for your Children

Our process makes sure your children have the financial literacy to appreciate the family wealth and use it wisely.

Case Story

Get back to the important things in life

An accomplished couple with three adult children as well as aging parents, this is a family committed to making the most of multigenerational assets and values. The kids are smart and educated. The health of their parents is a concern, but not a financial one. Sharing stories about family values among the generations creates a legacy that can live on when the next generation arrives. Family stories about money are a way for the three generations to connect and communicate.

Investment Management Articles

What If Amazon Enters The Asset Management Business?

May 23, 2018 - John Osbon

Amazon’s entry is not a joke and it could happen soon according to a Vanguard executive who was in town last week for the Vanguard investment confab. Not only that, a number of prominent retailers could launch wealth management offerings as financial advice is commoditized and scaled even further to reach the smallest investor. Costco and Walmart come to mind. The executive acknowledged that Vanguard is actively planning to compete with technology-driven companies that have never been in wealth management. They take the threat seriously.

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Bubbles Are Not Irrational

May 2, 2018 - Max Osbon

The word “bubble” can be an emotional trigger for investors, immediately stoking fear and anxiety. Pundits and economists may refer to bubbles as irrational market anomalies, but there’s much more to the story than that. Here is some context so that you can understand the investor mindsets and strategies that spawn them.

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6 Reasons To Say No To News

April 24, 2018 - Max Osbon

It seems almost self-evident that whoever has the best access to current news sources gains a significant advantage as an investor. Because information is power. Or is it? The business model of the news cycle is increasingly reliant on triggering your emotional reflexes. How does today’s news help or hinder investors?

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