Access & Referrals to Experts

Successful Families with substantial assets need additional services

Our team of experts is available to you. With their depth of experience and understanding, they proactively advise you on all the financial strategies that are important to your success. As your financial integrator we coordinate your key providers, such as accountants, trust lawyers and insurance agents, as well as legacy planners, property managers and ghost writers. We’ll quarterback your team for best results in support of your investment goals. We are experienced.

Peace of Mind

Osbon Capital provides money stress relief through expert strategic partnership. We are experienced partners for your personal investments.

Plan for Adventure

Our comprehensive values-based investment planning process ensures every aspect of your financial plan is considered. Even your adventures.

Security for your Children

Our process makes sure your children have the financial literacy to appreciate the family wealth and use it wisely.

Case Story

Getting back to the important things in life.

They are independently successful professionals. Long ago they decided he makes the investment decisions, and she trusts him. She deeply understand the power of investing long term for the family. We make sure he is fully informed because he knows in an emergency, she might have to turn to us. They have a robust long term financial investment plan in place.

Investment Management Articles

The Great Hedge Fund Mystery

May 29, 2014 - John Osbon

If you’ve heard people are making a killing in hedge funds, you heard right. The operators of hedge funds earn oversized fees year in and year out. Their investors, not so much.  What do the hedgies do to earn the big fees? This is one of investing’s most baffling mysteries. Hedge funds are essentially mutual […]

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The Kids and Your Money, Revisited

September 7, 2016 - John Osbon

We first wrote about kids and money in May 2014. Here’s an updated version, circa 2016, sparked by real client conversations. What are parents talking about now? Education – price and value – seem to be top of mind, along with some other topics that may be just what you are thinking about.

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Which Rockstar Investor Are You?

March 18, 2015 - Max Osbon

Let’s try something different this week and have some fun, too. Have you ever wondered what kind of Rockstar Investor you are? Take the quiz to find out. (Disclosure: no professional investment rockstars were harmed in the making of this project). Max Osbon-

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