Access & Referrals to Experts

Successful Families with substantial assets need additional services


Our team of experts is available to you. With their depth of experience and understanding, they proactively advise you on all the financial strategies that are important to your success. As your financial integrator we coordinate your key providers, such as accountants, trust lawyers and insurance agents, as well as legacy planners, property managers and other professionals. We’ll quarterback your team for best results in support of your investment goals.

Peace of Mind

Osbon Capital relieves money stress by managing both the complex and routine aspects of investing, leaving you more time for what matters most to you.

Plan for Adventure

Our comprehensive values-based investment planning process ensures every aspect of your financial plan is considered. Even your adventures.

Security for your Children

Our process ensures your children develop financial literacy. We prompt conversations around the protection and wise use of family wealth.

Case Story

Divide and conquer

As successful professionals, they prefer to focus on what they do best. One makes the investment decisions. The other manages day-to-day aspects of the family. They both deeply understand the power of a long-term perspective as they invest for the family. We make sure both are fully informed at all times, and that a plan is in place if either one needs to take over in an emergency.

Access & Referrals to Experts Articles

4 Signs of Skin In The Game

March 21, 2018 - John Osbon

Nassim Taleb, the author and scholar best known for The Black Swan (2007), predicted an extraordinary market event would happen because too many players had no skin in the game. They suffered no personal consequences for bad advice, mistakes and greed. His new book, Skin in the Game, drills down on this idea and helps us consider whether your advisor is really on your side.

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To Give or Not To Give

July 12, 2017 - Emily Scott

When asked what one of the bigger personal challenges a philanthropist faces, the answer often is “saying no when asked for funding, board participation, or a time commitment.”  At The Philanthropy Workshop, where I am an alumna, we refer to this as the investment of our time, treasure, and talent.

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Let the kids touch the money

July 5, 2017 - Steve Mott

Would you turn your family checkbook over to a twelve year-old kid? My mother did. It went better than you might expect.

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