Is Osbon Capital like other Family Wealth Management firms?

The key difference is that Osbon Capital is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). Not all family wealth management firms are RIAs. Some are actually financial planners or broker advisors who earn a commission on the financial products they sell. RIAs operate under the fiduciary legal standard, meaning they are legally required to act in your best interest.

The fiduciary legal standard ensures that investment advice is closely aligned with your interests.

How much does it cost?

There is only one fee at Osbon Capital – a fee on the assets under management. It’s straightforward and transparent.

When you work with other traditional wealth management firms, you can end up paying 12b-1 fees hidden deep in your portfolio, high expense ratios on your underlying funds that get rebated to your advisor without your knowledge, sales commissions, and even markups on the trades themselves. We can show you what to look for. You save money by working with Osbon Capital because we can cut out the traditional hidden costs.

We start with a Financial MRI

You can learn a lot about a portfolio from its investment statements. We always take a look at investment statements whenever we meet a new client. We start by taking a deep dive into the current portfolio, with all of its parts, investment choices, taxable, trust and retirement accounts, individual positions and even the individual lots. When we put it all back together we aim to answer the question, “How does this portfolio reflect my goals?” If the answer isn’t obvious by then, it’s time for a change.

Through our conversation, we can discover the hidden costs, hidden risks and opportunities left on the table. We offer this financial MRI as a free service to every potential client. We encourage you to take advantage of this offer as an easy opportunity to learn more about your investments.