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Weekly Articles by Osbon Capital Management:

Choreographic Objects

Nov 13, 2018 - Max Osbon ( 1 minute to read)

The ICA presents the first comprehensive American exhibition of performative objects, video installations, and interactive sculptures of the internationally celebrated choreographer William Forsythe. Blurring the lines between performance and sculpture, his pieces invite the viewer to engage with choreography in a novel way. The exhibit is on display until February 21.


Whaling in Oklahoma

Nov 5, 2018 - Max Osbon ( 1 minute to read)

With a New England spin on Japanese food, the recently opened restaurant “Whaling in Oklahoma” is drawing crowds and raising eyebrows. Chef-owner Tim Maslow, a Momofuku alum, is combining local ingredients with Japanese sensibilities and flavors at his newest Southend endeavor. Be sure to reserve your table well in advance, weekend nights fill up quickly. 


Refine and Focus

Oct 31, 2018 - Max Osbon ( 1 minute to read)

Spotlight on our friends: Refine + Focus is a Boston based marketing and growth consulting firm. They routinely work with the Fortune 500 and are best known for their Social and Digital marketing. They are also the hosts of Curiouser and Curiouser, a quarterly innovation showcase that brings together a community of leaders, investors, and creators to share the things that pique their curiosity.


8th Annual Canine Promenade

Oct 24, 2018 - Max Osbon ( 1 minute to read)

Looking for a family-friendly Halloween event this weekend? This Saturday,  on October 27 at the Charles River Esplanade, hundreds of costumed pups and their owners will participate in the 8th Annual Canine Promenade. The half-mile Halloween costume parade is free for spectators and $20 if you want to register your pup and participate. Every registered furry friend will receive a goodie bag and be eligible for various prizes.  


St. Francis House

Oct 15, 2018 - Max Osbon ( 1 minute to read)

Located in the heart of downtown Boston, The St. Francis House is a nonprofit organization and the largest “Day Shelter” in Massachusetts. The St. Francis House serves on average, 500 poor and homeless men and women a day, 365 days a year. Take a look at their website to learn more about their upcoming Gala on October 24th at the Fairmont Copley Plaza.


Art in the Seaport

Oct 10, 2018 - Max Osbon ( 1 minute to read)

The Spanish contemporary artist Okuda San Miguel has arrived in the Seaport. With seven bright, lively sculptures lining Seaport Boulevard, Okuda displays a modern view of ancient myths. The sculptures portray the development of the natural world and how humans have affected it. Be sure to take a mid-day stroll to catch the pieces.   


The Redcoats Are Coming

Oct 2, 2018 - Max Osbon ( 1 minute to read)

In October 1768, the British government sent troops to Boston to help quell the civil unrest that started after the passage of the Townshend Acts. And the rest… is history. 250 years later, The Massachusetts Historical Society will be reenacting some of the pivotal moments that started the revolutionary war. This Saturday, October 6th, witness the arrival of the Redcoats and their march to Boston Common.   


Jazz and Sculpture

Sep 26, 2018 - Max Osbon ( 1 minute to read)

Jason Moran’s new self-titled exhibit at the ICA combines music composition with sculpture and stage design. The entire showcase is based on one of the essential components of jazz, the “Set,” where musicians come together to improvise and create with one another. The variety of pieces are based on famous international music venues and will be on display until the 21st of January. 


The Starr Forum

Sep 19, 2018 - Max Osbon ( 1 minute to read)

Now that school is back in session, you may want to take advantage of the intellectual capital available in Boston. Sponsored by the Starr Foundation, the CIS Starr Forum brings academics, public intellectuals and policymakers to the MIT campus for public discussion and lecture.